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Are you looking for Motorbike Tyres Rotherham for your vehicle?


Contrary to popular belief, purchasing a pair of high-quality aftermarket motorcycle tyres is not very easy. There are several aspects you must look at before you select a pair.

Besides the usual aspects like higher responsiveness and longevity, motorbike tyres must also offer certain other benefits that regular units simply cannot.

Do you live in South Yorkshire or any of the other surrounding Counties? You are always welcome to AP Tyres, one of the leading retailers of motorcycle tyres Rotherham.

Our inventory is regularly upgraded to suit every budget and to reflect the trends in the United Kingdom.

If you have been searching for ‘motorcycle tyres near me’, please visit our garage and see what we have to offer. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed!

    You can also buy these tyres from us online and schedule a fitting appointment (or same-day tyre fitting) as well.

    Tyre brands at our garage

    AP Tyres retails motorcycle tyres from various popular brands across all budgets. These include:

  • Bridgestone Tyres
  • Nexen Tyres
  • Continental Tyres
  • Pirelli Tyres
  • Avon Tyres
  • Apollo Tyres, etc.
  • Types of motorcycle tyres

  • Cruiser/Touring tyres
  • Sport performance tyres
  • Sport-touring tyres
  • Dual sport/ADV tyres, etc.
  • Expert advice on choosing superior quality motorbike tyres

    Our facility has a number of 2-wheeler experts who can guide you at every step whenever you plan to buy motorcycle tyres Rotherham.

    One cardinal rule you must remember is that not all categories of motorcycles accept identical tyres. For example, a heavy-duty Harley Davidson or a Ducati will inevitably require larger, thicker and more premium tyres than entry-level bikes from Suzuki or KTM.

    Follow these 3 exclusive pointers whenever you purchase motorcycle tyres Rotherham:

    Determine your riding patterns

    It simply means that you must carefully analyse whether you will spend more time cruising down highways and city roads or whether you will occasionally go off-roading. Should you spend more time in cities, standard all-season bike tyres should do perfectly.

    However, if you intend to go off-road, it is better to purchase from the ‘sport touring’ category. At AP Tyres, you will find a lot of models which suit both these requirements.

    Read manufacturer recommendations carefully

    All motorcycle companies recommend the type of tyres which suit their products. It is best not to disregard their advice. Since you are planning to procure high-quality aftermarket motorcycle tyres Rotherham, never deviate from the recommended rim diameter and weight-carrying capacity.

    Cruiser bikes and their tyres

    Cruisers are high-end motorcycles which provide riding comfort and higher fuel savings. Note that these are not superbikes, and it will be a bad idea to purchase tyres with ultra-wide section widths.

    Instead, you can ask our experts for cruiser-specific models. There are other considerations like choosing between tubeless, dirt bike and extreme-sport models too.

    Reach us

    Please call us on 01709 523818 and book an appointment. We will be glad to help you out!

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