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Of all the modern technological advancements that have made driving easier, the TPMS deserves particular mention. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, became common across Europe in the late 1980s. Most modern cars now come equipped with TPMS.

The principal purpose of a TPMS unit is to inform the driver of real-time car tyre pressure values. If the pressure in these pneumatic tyres falls 25% below a particular threshold, the TPMS warning light flashes on the dashboard.

Should this happen when you are driving in or around the County of South Yorkshire, please visit our facility - AP Tyres - for a thorough check-up and inspection of TPMS sensor Rotherham.

    A lot of customers rely on us for a hassle-free TPMS sensor replacement.

    Note that damaged TPMS sensors cannot be repaired.

    Causes of TPMS sensor malfunction

    TPMS sensors, fitted on the wheels, relay real-time tyre pressure data to the car’s central computer, which then notifies the driver in case of a tyre pressure drop.

    There are several issues which might damage your vehicle’s TPMS sensor Rotherham.

    Here are the commonest ones:

    The TPMS battery is weak

    All TPMS units come with their own batteries, which are usually 3V Li-ion cells. Some car manufacturers also use 1.25V Nickel-metal hydride units. If these cells are exhausted and have reached the end of their service life, you might notice the TPMS warning light flashing on the dashboard.

    The TPMS unit is unable to receive data

    Data is carried to this unit via a series of sensors. However, at times, issues may arise in these parts, most of which are either wiring faults or short circuits.

    Please note that it is almost impossible for any car owner to detect this issue. A visit to a professional service station like AP Tyres, thus, becomes necessary.

    Damaged TPMS valve stems

    A rusted TPMS valve gives unreliable data on tyre pressure levels.

    We can replace these valves with OE-grade spares.

    TPMS module failure

    While it is quite uncommon, we have come across instances when the entire module had collapsed. It results usually from mechanical and electronic issues, including damage to the valve stems. Internal electrical failures, erratic voltage supply and poor wiring are other causes which may damage the TPMS sensor Rotherham.

    At AP Tyres, we can diagnose what the exact problem is and take corrective measures accordingly.

    How to replace TPMS sensor battery?

    This is a rather common query. Please note that while TPMS sensor batteries must be replaced at intervals, they are not DIY-friendly tasks. You will require professional assistance.

    Let our experts help you out.

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