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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?


    AP Tyres is one of the most proficient and reliable centres for tyre repairs in South Yorkshire and its neighbouring Counties. We specialise in repairing a wide variety of tyre damages. We also provide expert advice to our clients on what they can do to extend their car tyres’ service life.

    Note that punctures are just one problem which affects tyres; there are various other possible damages too.

    As a leading tyre repair facility Rotherham, our technicians possess the skills to quickly fix almost every type of tyre damage.

    If you are looking for cheap tyre repairs Rotherham, feel free to contact us at 01709 523818.

    Common causes of tyre damage

    Here are the commonest reasons why car or motorcycle tyres might require professional repair services.


    A tyre puncture is probably the first thing most people think of when it comes to tyre repair Rotherham. Any sharp debris on the roads - from glass shards to nails - may result in a leak. There is no foolproof way to avoid a puncture regardless of how safely you drive.

    Being a trusted tyre repair facility Rotherham, we abide by the rules set down by the British Standards Institution. All puncture repairs must be conducted following BS AU 159, and our technicians do exactly that.

    How do we conduct puncture repairs?

  • We can conduct an external repair with the help of a tyre string
  • Our experts can also perform an internal tyre repair with a repair patch
  • A combination of repair patch and plug for internal repair
  • Please note that if the puncture is near the sidewall or shoulder, the unit will be non-repairable.
  • Cracks in the rubber exterior

    Often, you might notice that your car’s tyres are gradually showing signs of significant damage on their external surface. These manifest mostly as cracks and bald portions (spots where the tread has completely worn off). Cracks may occur if you use low-quality models. Also, a set of tyres past its service life and subjected to heavy driving will soon develop cracks.

    Never take these damages lightly. Ring us immediately and book an appointment with our experts. You may require a replacement of a single unit or all 4. AP Tyres stores a wide range of models from the most popular manufacturers; we also ensure that our inventory has units for all budgets.

    Issues with tyre pressure

    Did you know that under and over-inflation are also factors which contribute to tyre damage? What’s more, a significant increase or sudden decrease in tyre pressure levels may result in damages to other parts of your car too, like the suspension system.

    Get in touch

    For additional details, please visit our facility at Broad Street, Parkgate, Rotherham, S62 6ER.

    Think tyre repair Rotherham, think AP Tyres!

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