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Are you looking for Wheel Refurbishment Rotherham for your vehicle?


With the increasing popularity of alloy wheels in the UK, they are becoming the statement of style and aesthetics for modern-day car owners. Made of non-ferrous materials like aluminium and magnesium, these rims are lightweight and enhance your vehicle’s fuel economy besides boosting the looks.

That being said, the materials used in their construction are also the reason they are prone to damage from everyday use. Since these units are quite costly, a replacement can be pretty difficult for you every time.

As a cost-effective alternative, experts suggest opting for alloy wheel refurbishment Rotherham.

    If you are looking for a wheel refurbishment garage in the region, consider dropping by AP Tyres.

    Why do alloy wheels require refurbishment?

    There are three main reasons why we see car owners walk through our doors looking for alloy wheel repairs. These are:

  • Kerbing, bumps and scratches make the rim appear dull. Additionally, dirt and salt (during winters) can also chip away at the alloy surface.
  • Inexpensive alloys are made up of cheaper materials with additives, which end up making the rims appear less attractive and more prone to damage.
  • How do we carry out alloy wheel refurbishment?

    At AP Tyres, we repair alloy wheel damages such as dents, cracks, scrapes, corrosion, and kerbing.

    Depending on the extent of damage, our technicians will carry out one of the following processes for alloy wheel refurbishment Rotherham:

  • Diamond cutting: In this case, our experts use a CNC lathe machine to remove a section from the wheel. Next, a lacquer coat is added to give that superb diamond cut finish.
  • Powder coating: The wheel is first stripped to expose the surface. After that, a powder coat is lacquered over the surface and colour matched as per your preference. Powder coating also protects the wheel from UV damage, scratches, etc.
  • Cosmetic repairs: This is mainly used in those cases where the damage is limited to a small part of the wheel. Also called SMART repairs, the repair will be blended into the undamaged area to make it look just like it was initially.
  • Benefits of alloy wheel refurbishment Rotherham

  • Cost-effective
  • When you compare the price of purchasing a new set of alloy rims and wheel refurbishment, you will realise that the latter option is significantly inexpensive. At our facility, you can opt for Diamond Cutting and Powder Coating at incredibly competitive prices.

  • Improves resale value
  • Rims that look relatively unharmed are more likely to fetch a better price. With our wheel refurbishing routine, rest assured that your car alloys will look as shiny as new with no trace of scuff marks on the surface.

    Besides these, alloy wheel refurbs also help to improve your on-road driving safety.

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