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Are you looking for Wheel Welding and Straightening for your vehicle?


Alloy wheels have grown in popularity among British car owners primarily due to their aesthetic appeal. However, since alloy wheels are composed of non-ferrous metals, they are lightweight and less robust than their steel counterparts. Hence, they are more vulnerable to cracks, scuffs, dents, etc., caused by jarring impacts from potholes or kerbs.

Now, replacing damaged alloy wheels can be an expensive affair. Hence, the experts at AP Tyres recommend opting for our wheel welding Rotherham instead.

Our technicians carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s alloy wheels to spot kerb damage, cracks, stress fractures, etc. They conduct wheel welding and straightening as required at highly competitive rates. Feel free to call us for a quote.

How do we conduct wheel welding Rotherham?

Here’s how alloy wheel welding Rotherham is carried out by our certified experts.

  • The first step involves grinding out both sides of a crack on the wheel.
  • Our experts weld both sides of the wheel, which ensures maximum durability.
  • Once the welding is complete, the wheel will be restored to optimal condition.
  • And, finally, they grind the weld down to make sure that it does not cause any damage to the tyre.

The cost of welding damaged alloy wheels depends upon the extent of the damage. We’ll be happy to quote a price before beginning the process.

Book a slot for wheel straightening

In case you’re experiencing steering wheel vibrations or detecting rapid tyre wear, the chances are that your car wheels are not in proper shape. If you do not address the issue in time, it can cause irreparable damage to the suspension components of your vehicle. Hence, you must visit our facility as soon as possible for an efficient solution.

There are various processes of wheel straightening Rotherham that we conduct depending on the issue. Nevertheless, here are two of the most popular ones:

Cold roller technology

This process involves pressing a powered roller against an alloy wheel to bring it back in shape while it rotates on a lathe. Usually, this process is only limited to radial bends.

Hydraulic assistance

This process involves placing the alloy wheel on a rack, which centres it. After that, the shape of the wheel is measured using a dial gauge to pinpoint the disfigured areas. Our skilled technicians then use the hydraulic rams to press the bends out and bring the wheel back into shape.

So, your quest for the most efficient wheel welding Rotherham ends here with us.

Stop searching the internet for ‘wheel welding services near me’ and drop by at our facility. You can find us at Broad Street, Parkgate Rotherham, S62 6ER.

For more information, give us a call on 01709 523817.

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