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Winter wheels

During peak winters, selecting the right set of wheels is as essential as winter tyres. That is because not all rims are compatible with these tyres.

If you are looking for a set of quality winter wheels to enjoy smooth handling and steering performance on snow, slush and sleet, visit us at AP Tyres.

We are your one-stop destination for winter wheels Rotherham. We stock both steel and alloy wheels, but the final choice comes down to your driving preferences.

Steel wheels vs. alloy wheels for winters

Most people who live in the United Kingdom think of steel wheels for use in the winter months.

    However, alloy wheels are also growing in popularity. One great advantage that these alloys have is their range of customisation options.

    Many car owners take aesthetics seriously and would rather go for high-quality winter wheels Rotherham which are alloy-based and not steel.

    Why steel winter wheels?

    There is no doubt that steel wheels are safer than their alloy counterparts. These have a robust construction and are really hard to bend or crack. This makes them quite safe on winter roads. Also, these are pretty affordable.

    However, steel wheels put quite a lot of strain on the suspension system owing to their heavy weight.

    How about alloy wheels Rotherham?

    It is true that alloy wheels cannot match their steel equivalents when it comes to strength alone. However, many modern alloy wheel manufacturers produce powder-coated alloys which are excellent at tackling the adverse effects of winter months.

    Also, these units are lightweight and improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. But these are pretty costly and can crack on impact.

    Our expert technicians advise that:

    Steel wheels Rotherham should be your first choice for strength, safety and durability all through winter months. If you are not too picky about how your car wheels look and are more interested in safety aspects, we recommend that you choose steel models at AP Tyres.

    If customisations and unique finishes are what you seek, you can go for high-quality powder-coated alloy wheels.

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